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"Business Intelligence Tools" Please respond to the following:

Business intelligence tools are considered the key drivers for many organizations. Identify and evaluate at least two business intelligence tools that could be effectively used to report business performance. Justify your response.

Estimate the costs and describe the values of the two business intelligence tools you have identified from Part 1 of this discussion based on their functionality, integrating architecture, and benefits to the enterprise. Provide your rationale

Reference no: EM131405358

Find an article online about the internet and cyber security

Find an article online about the Internet, technology, cyber security, anything that you are interested in or want to know more about that involves the Internet or today's t

What are your advertising and promotion goals

One ad targeting either the consumer segment or targeting the business segment. What are your advertising and promotion goals? What magazine are you recommending to reach the

Why and how the use of social media can ensure your company

How you would propose protecting your chosen cloud solution from cyber-attack using current password and data protection protocol and Why and how the use of social media can

Develop a system that can ease the sharing of limited

The student community across the world has increased significantly over the last two decades. The resources at their disposal have remained so few, something that calls for

Examine the phases of the systems development life cycle

Examine accounting information systems, activities, transactions, and their impact on organizational performance, strategy, and culture.Analyze the business activities that

Discuss security measure to ensure protection of information

BZ380- Describe three ways in which information systems are transforming business. Discuss telecommunication operations and three security measures to ensure protectio

What is a troubleshooting model

What is a troubleshooting model? Describe how you would use a troubleshooting model to resolve a user's inability to connect to the Internet from a physically connected netw

Human elements in it strategy

For this assignment, you will continue to work on the Human Elements in IT Strategy document by creating a summary of how people, processes, and technologies are related to


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