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Critically appraise the tools and techniques used in developing TQM and Six Sigma continuous improvement programs. Identify and briefly discuss a civil construction organization in the United Kingdom that has built total quality culture to realize the full value from TQM or Six Sigma initiatives in their quest for operational excellence.

Requirement :

1-Your submission should be illustrated with graphs, photographs and/or drawings. To ensure these illustrations (figures) are suitable for publication, they should each be submitted as high-quality.

2-A summary (abstract) of approximately 150 words. This should cover the objectives and conclusions of your submission, and explain its relevance to civil engineering practice. It should not include references, mentions of illustrations or abbreviations.


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Executive summary

Every organization, is trying to develop a sustainable competitive advantage for a long period of time. It is known fact that, a company can success in the business world, only by satisfying the customers by providing the quality product and services, so it is responsibility of the managers to introduce and practice the quality and performance practices such TQM, Six sigma, which helps the companies to attain the growth and revenue in an effective way. While analysing the civil construction sector (J.H et al 2003), we can able to understand that, this particular sector, has to play an important role in the development of the economy.


For the first time, TQM practices has been effectively implemented by japans companies, later most of the companies in the world, understand the importance of TQM and other related practices in the business, while analysing the civil construction industries in UK, most of business is mainly depend upon the small and medium scale enterprises, in which they are successfully implemented the practice of TQM for achieving the growth and profit. From the year of 2005 onwards we can be able to understand that (D et al 1991), the civil construction industry in UK making productive growth and sustainable profit.

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