Discontent and backlash against the older generation

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The Power of Music

The 1960s saw waves of discontent and backlash against the older generation. Teenagers across the US began to challenge what they saw as the status quo, and press for radical changes. A large part of this challenge came from the Vietnam War. So, for fun this week, I want you to pick one or two protest songs from the 1960s and 1970s. Give us a sample of the song (music or just lyrics) and then tell us whether your songs successfully challenged the ideals of the day. If so, how? What do these songs tell us about the "hippie" generation? Does popular music still do this today?

Reference no: EM131442784

Globalization has had positive or negative consequences

Do you think globalization has had positive or negative consequences? Give examples of both. Has globalization brought people or nations closer together (cooperation) or furth

Define leila khaled as a terrorist or freedom fighter

In your opinion, would you define Leila Khaled as a terrorist or freedom fighter? In what ways were Bloody Sunday and Black September "traumatic events" that led to long-ter

How louis xiv characterize a kings relation with his subject

How did Louis XIV characterize a king's relations with his subjects? How does Louis's advice compare to the way he actually ruled and the way in which other early modern ru

The history and development of the food service

The history and development of the food service industry has had many direct and indirect impacts on modern food service. From the first food gathering in Mesopotamia, Egypt,

What were chief characteristics of benedictine monasticism

What were the chief characteristics of Benedictine monasticism and what role did monks play in both the conversion of Europe to Christianity and the intellectual life of the

Read the article-thirteen original colonies

briefly describe three (3) characteristics for each of the English colonies located in the South, Middle, and New England regions Now state two (2) religious, business, agri

Road to wigan pier and identify his main arguments

Read George Orwell’s ‘Road to Wigan Pier’ and identify his main arguments. How does he characterize the condition of England’s working classes? What does he view as the remedy

Explain the mesopotamian and egyptian civilizations

Why did both the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations emerge where they did, and what do you think were the biggest contributions of these two civilizations by 600 B.C.E.


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