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Dirt Bikes started as a “mom and pop” shop. But the company now has global following and the potential for more. Plus their customers are generally technology-savvy and looking to do business on the web. In this discussion we will look at the needs and opportunities for Dirt Bikes implementing e-Commerce through a web portal.

The portal will not only be a point to do business with the company, but could also be an access point for users of the data, information, and knowledge. An intranet version of the portal (limited to employees) could also function as part of a knowledge management solution. As a group, you should discuss the different opportunities for data storage, information collection, knowledge management, and decision support. You should first initially answer these questions:

1. What data does the company have?

2. Who are the potential user groups and what information will they seek?

3. What internal systems and databases does Dirt Bikes likely have that might interface with the portal?

4. Is there an opportunity for knowledge management? How is knowledge management different from other information systems?

Your own experiences as a user, through Amazon or other e-commerce sites should give you ideas about what is workable and useful.

As you discuss this, consider not only the technology, but the needs and abilities of the users of the technology as well.

Reference no: EM132234349

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