Dilemma of finding suitable rewards for high performance

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As a manager in a small local firm you have been told that because of the poor economy workers cant be given any pay raises this year. you have some really hard working and high performing people on your team that you were counting on giving solid raises to. Now what can you do? how can you use insights from Maslow's heirarchy of needs to solve this dilemma of finding suitable rewards for high performance?

Reference no: EM131144944

Identify the factors that can influence adoption of e-Health

Name four major types of telemedicine and provide some applications of each. Refer to "Estate Tax." Provide a summary and reflection of the article. Identify the factors that

Challenges organization face in determining build and buy

List 5 challenges organization face in determining build vs. buy. Why 80% in matching the requirements to a COTS MAY NoT BE A GOOD MATCH? How does politics affect the process

Why was wal-mart not successful in germany

Managing Value Networks, Channels and Retailing : What are some additional trends in retailing and distribution? Mention one such trend. Why was Wal-Mart not successful in G

Theory of the relationship between language and knowledge

Create your own theory of the relationship between language and knowledge using eight of the the following twelve concepts: abstracting, dead-level abstracting, confusing abst

Proposal to analyze the cultural values of your organization

Superb Consultants has submitted a proposal to analyze the cultural values of your organization. The proposal states that Superb has developed a revolutionary new survey to ta

Particular feature is value added or non-value added

We all use smartphones but the point to think about is that from a customer perspective do you think that all the features provided are “value added” and which are not. In a s

What is the information systems strategy of ebay

What is The information Systems Strategy (IS) of Ebay? What is The Information and Communication Technology Strategy (ICT) of Ebay? What is The e-Commerce Strategy (EC ) of Eb

Explain the importance of the two weeks later case fact

Nina owns a used car lot. She signs and sends a fax to Seth, a used car wholesaler who has a huge lot of cars in the same city. The fax says, “Confirming our agrmt—I pick any


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