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Throughout the course of the semester, as you all have embarked upon ranking your student project landing pages, you have been able to support the rank of University of Michigan - Dearborn's Digital Marketing landing page by backlinking to it in harmony with your student pages.

Ranking the College of Business' Digital Marketing page creates a sustainable buzz around the degree, which will certainly help you all as you embark upon your professional careers. Your efforts as a class will help push this site to the top of search.

Your course SEO project is one part applied SEO and one part analysis. You should document how you have passed link juice along to the COB DM page to help it achieve higher organic rankings. I would also like you to comment on steps you or a team of your peers could carry out on the page to help it rank higher.


1) A concise 1-2 page written summary outlining how you have supported the COB DM page with backlinks to support its natural ranking and how you would improve the ranking of the page in the future applying onsite and offsite SEO. You might structure your write-up as follows:

a. Applied Offsite SEO - Supporting COB DM rank

b. Onsite SEO - Recommendations Moving Forward

c. Offsite SEO - Recommendations Moving Forward

i. Assuming Students Will Be Working on this Next Year

2) An appendix documenting the backlinks you acquired or built throughout the course of the semester

Grading Scheme:

Your project will be graded on your understanding and application of course concepts around SEO. The effort you put into the process that is observed through your appendix is considered. Your recommendations moving forward constitute a sizable component of this grade.

Reference no: EM13779743

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