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  1. Differentiate phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, and phonics.
  2. Identify some good activities to help children explore these skills. Be sure to identify each activity as either phonological/phonemic awareness or phonics. Where did you find each activity?

Reference no: EM131126152

What kind of learning or experience matters most

Beyond merely summarizing the object(s) being portrayed, the most common (and in many ways, the easiest) ways to analyze a painting are-To talk about its affects on ME,To ta

Write a letter to senator

Write a letter to Senator in regards to air pollution, and asking the senator to pass a law to force Car manufacturers to produce only cars that are good for the air pollut

Paper on movies

Please watch one of the following movies and then use it as the basis for your paper (see instructions in your syllabus and under Contents)1 )Mean Girls 2)Breakfast Club

Write a report recommending a change in the operation

Write a report recommending a change in the operation or some organization you know well - Choose a situation on the list that seems especially important. It should seem like

Devising a new thesis or focus statement

Revision, or literally re-seeing, asks that you look again at writing you've done in an attempt to transform it for measurable improvement. Revision is often confused with e

What is thoreaus main point

Briefly summarize Thoreau's argument in "Civil Disobedience." What is Thoreau's main point? Why does Thoreau believe that disobedience to civil government is appropriate in

Briefly expline the history of rapid prototyping

Briefly expline the history of Rapid Prototyping? What are some of the diffrent types of Rapid Prototyping used today? How is Rapid Prototyyping used in industry today? Give a

Discuss about the helping children learn to read

The purpose of the study guide is to help you outline the readings for the unit and to give you a place to note the key points of each section. Each study guide outlines the


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