Differentiate consultation from supervision

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Discussion Question 1

Answer the following:

Coaching and mentoring should be a core competency of nurses prepared at the graduate level. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Defend your response.

Based on your graduate specialization, identify one coaching activity that you can do in this advanced practice role. What strategies would you employ for this activity?

Describe one mentoring activity you might complete with a mentor that would help you to acclimate to your new advance practice role. Should this activity be structured or unstructured?

Discussion Question 2

Consultation is a core competency of graduate nursing. Answer the following:

Differentiate consultation from supervision?

Are consultation and collaboration synonymous? Defend your response.

Give an example on how you have seen the consultation competency practiced in your current nursing area. Explain if the practice followed the graduate competency criteria.

Reference no: EM131151546

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