Different stages in the tourism area life cycle

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(a) Critically review the different stages in the Tourism Area Life Cycle

(b) How far the Tourism Area Life Cycle can be used as a basis for developing tourism destination policy


One reason tourism needs to be managed is that market responses to increasing demand for tourism activities often leads to unacceptable adverse impacts on the environment, local economy and host population. Critically review the arguments in favour of tourism planning and discuss how planning can be used to correct market failure and promote sustainable tourism


Tourism has increasingly become a process of negotiation between different stakeholders and interest group

(a) Giving examples discuss this view and critically assess the factors that determine the influence they can have in the tourism policy process

(b) Discuss the various factors that are critical for successful collaboration between different stakeholders. Illustrate your answers with examples


Examine the range of socio-cultural impact that tourism can have on the host community and analyze the factors that can affect the intensity of these impact. Illustrate your answer with examples

Reference no: EM133759

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