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1. Companies with greater levels of diversity routinely outperform others that are less diverse. What is the connection between having a different skin color, gender, sexual orientation or faith and organization effectiveness?

2. Advertisers use market segmentation when promoting products to consumers. Select a major consumer segmentation (dimension) variable. Find an example of a print ad that appears to be based on that variable. Post the ad, identify the target market and explain why you think the advertiser is using the segmentation variable(s) you identified for that ad.

Reference no: EM132234992

Tiger gym company is seeking proposals from contractors

Tiger Gym Company is seeking proposals from contractors with relevant experience to develop a consumer website for Tiger Gym locations. The objectives of this project are:

What does it mean strategic positioning

What does it mean strategic positioning? What is productivity and why it is an important measure to individuals and companies? Why do we forecast in supply chain operations? W

Is it based on primary or secondary data

Choose one study on a topic of interest to you. After you have read the study, respond to the following: Is the study exploratory, descriptive, or explanatory? What is its con

Original equipment manufacturers-strategic management theory

You are the management team of a start up company that will produce hard drives for the personal computer (PC) industry. you will sell your product to manufactures of PC's (or

Organizations tend to more ethical than decentralized ones

Why do centralized organizations tend to be more ethical than decentralized ones? Can you think of a situation or example in which a decentralized organization might be more e

How you would ensure fairness in disciplining this employee

An employee is repeatedly late for work. Across the time period of a month (typically 20 work days) the employee is late by 15-20 minutes at least 12 days. Explain how you wou

What are the requirements for leave under FMLA

Jane has been employed as a poncho seamstress at Paul’s Poncho Shop for 13 months. Paul’s Poncho employees approximately 45 employees most of which are full-time. Jane works a

Relationship between total sales revenue and quantity sold

Which of the following can influence a company's pricing decisions? The curve that shows the relationship between the sales price and quantity sold is called the: The curve th


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