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This is an individual assignment, Chapter 14 Retail Pricing) introduces several different methods that retailers can use to adjust prices (e.g., variable pricing methods, price discrimination methods, and pricing to increase sales). Several of these pricing methods are listed below.

Pricing Methods

1. Price Bundling

2. Multiple-Unit Pricing or Quantity Discounts

3. Variable Pricing by Market Segments

4. Leader Pricing

5. Price Lining

6. Odd Pricing

Please note that not all of the pricing methods are options for this extra credit opportunity...only the six methods listed above.

Your task:

A. Pick up to two different pricing methods from the list above.

B. Visit any type of retail store (e.g., grocery, department, specialty, full-line discount, drugstore, etc.) and find examples of the two pricing methods you selected.

C. Snap a picture of the display or of the promotional materials communicating the pricing to customers.

a. You must snap your own picture of the pricing method in use. Images copied from the Internet or Google Images will not be accepted. If you find the pricing method utilized by an online retailer, use "SnagIt," the Windows "Snipping Tool," screen shots (press "Function" and "Print Screen"), or some other screen capture method to capture your visual.

D. Create a new MS Word document.

a. Identify the pricing method(s) selected.

b. Paste a copy of your image (your example).

c. Provide an explanation of why your image is a good example of the pricing method.

d. Also identify the benefit of the pricing method for the retailer. In other words, why is the retailer using that pricing method?

Attachment:- Chapter 14.rar

Reference no: EM131330633

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