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IndoAust Jaya(IAJ) has just employed you as its new logistics manager to examine the company's requirements and also to implement new initiatives to make the business more profitable. The owner/managing director is especially keen to simplify the company's logistics requirements and reduce costs.

Mr Widjojo requires you to prepare a written report covering how you would go about simplifying IAJ's logistics requirements and reduce costs.

In your report you should answer the following questions:

a) What are IAJ's logistic requirements and how would you go about identifying them?

b) What are the different logistics activities conducted by IAJ and are they being effectively employed by the company?

c) What recommendations would you make to the owner/managing director about using logistics to make the company more profitable?

d) Are the current logistics information systems used by IAJ adequate? If so why? If not what systems need to be acquired and implemented at IAJ?

e) As the business operates in more than one state and territory do IAJ's current policies and procedures cover its logistics requirements? If not what areas need to be addressed to ensure IAJ's policies and procedures adequately cover its logistics requirements?

f) What processes and measures would you implement to determine whether the recommendations you listed in (c) are being implemented effectively?

g) Who are the stakeholders both internal and external? How would you go about consulting with them to overcome any potential conflicts?

You may structure your report in any format making use of headings, dot points, tables and so on. Your report should be no more than 1,800 words.

Reference no: EM13934289

Dictionaries and encyclopedias may be used

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