Different issues in the work environment

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Where appropriate your responses should show some knowledge of the course work and its application to the case. The use of relevant examples will help to illustrate your understanding of the issues. Furthermore, your response should show some analysis (e.g. give advantages and disadvantages of certain actions) and evaluate choices you make or opinions you have (i.e. explain and support reasons for a particular action/choice).

Different issues in the work environment

The first-year training program for professional staff members of a 'large national accounting firm consists of classroom seminars and on-the-job training. The objectives of the training are to ensure that new staff members learn fundamental auditing concepts and procedures and develop technical, analytical, and communication skills that, with further experience and training, will help them achieve their maximum potential with the organization.

Classroom training is used to introduce concepts and theories applicable to the work environment. It consists of three two-day and two three-day seminars presented at varying intervals during the staff member's first year. Although new staff members do receive this special training, actual work experience is the principal means by which they develop the many skills necessary to become good auditors.

Teams supervised by the senior member perform most of the firm's audits. This individual is responsible for conducting the review and producing the required reports. Normally teams are assembled on the basis of member availability. For this reason, a senior auditor may be assigned one or more first-year employees for a team that must undertake a complex assignment.

Because senior auditors are measured on productivity, their attention is usually focused on the work being produced. Therefore, they assign routine tasks to new staff employees, with little or no thought to furthering the career development of these employees. Most senior auditors assume the next supervisor or the individuals themselves will take care of their training and development needs.

Recently the firm has lost several capable first-year people. The reason most gave for leaving was that they were not learning or advancing in their profession.


1. From a human resources viewpoint explain who are the main stakeholders in this incident.

2. Describe and explain clearly what you think the company should do to keep its young employees in this incident?

3. Evaluate whether you think on-the-job training will work in a situation such as the one described above?

Reference no: EM131398507

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