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Develop Divisional PepsiCo EFE Matrices Purpose PepsiCo faces fierce but different competitors in its snacks versus beverages segment as described in the Cohesion Case. The external opportunities and threats that PepsiCo faces are different in each segment, so each division prepares its own list of critical external success factors. This external analysis is critically important in strategic planning because a firm needs to exploit opportunities and avoid or at least mitigate threats.

Instructions Step 1 Conduct research to determine what you believe are the four major threats and the four major opportunities critical to strategic planning within PepsiCo’s snacks versus beverages business segments. Focus solely on North America because outside North America, PepsiCo combines these product segments in (a) Europe and (b) AMEA. Review the relevant S&P Industry Survey documents for Annual Report and Cohesion Case.

Step 2 Based on the information from Step 1, develop divisional EFE matrices for PepsiCo. Work within a team of students if your instructor so requests, but you will need an EFE Matrix for the (a) snacks and (b) beverage segments of PepsiCo.

Step 3 Discuss how PepsiCo could combine your two EFE matrices to develop a corporate EFE Matrix.

Reference no: EM13994142

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