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Hiring a consultant presents many different benefits to an organization. Managers must understand what type of consultant he or she is looking for, and the skills the consultant must possess to fulfill the business need.

This assignment has two parts. The first part will be your interview of a consultant, or a manager who hires a consultant. The second part will be your synthesis of the interview.

Find a manager in a company who hires consultants or is a consultant.

Create a list of at least 5 questions you will ask this manager.

Record the responses of the interview.

Develop a 1,050-word synthesis:

  • Explain the process you took to find the interviewee.
  • Describe the role of the person you interviewed.
  • Give a rationale for why you developed each question.
  • Summarize the response of each question.
  • Evaluate how you can use the information obtained in your profession.
  • Cite your interviewee.

Reference no: EM131222725

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