Differences that exist among merit pay systems

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Question 1: Explain the similarities and differences that exist among merit pay systems, incentive pay systems, and person-focused pay systems. Of the three of these pay systems, which one would you implement at your company? Explain your choice. (220 words)

Question 2: You are the compensation manager for a local Internet training company. Your CEO would like you to determine how well the salaries he pays his instructional designers measure up to other companies in the same field. Outline the steps you would take to determine this and compose a memo to your CEO showing your results. Also, make recommendations to your CEO concerning the pay rates based on the information you gathered from your research. (220 words)

Question 3: What is job evaluation, and how is it used by compensation professionals? Discuss the various techniques used in job evaluation. (220 words)

Question 4: You are the compensation manager for a startup internet company. The CEO wants to know what the best pay level policy is for this organization. Prepare a memo to the CEO explaining the three options the company can choose from and what your recommendation is, and why. (220 words)

Question 5: Should companies rely exclusively on survey data when evaluating the worth of a position to the organization? Why, or why not? Make sure you support your conclusion. (150 words)

Reference no: EM13738356

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