Differences between the bacteria and protist kingdom

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1) Identify 2 differences between the bacteria and protist kingdom.

2) If you were testing the effects of different brands of fertilizer to detemine which one promoted the best growth over 6 weeks.

a) identify a negative control
b) identify 2 controlled variables
c) identify the ependent variable

3) Living organisms must respond to stimuli, explain why this characteristic helps define life by discussing 2 specific examples.

4) Explain why double bonds of unsaturated fats are so important for our health and for making oils liquid at room temperature. Identify 2 sources or examples of unsaturated fats (oil).

Reference no: EM13939868

Prevalent among all the specimens-bateria or fungal colonies

Which is more prevalent among all the specimens, bateria or fungal colonies?  Does branch length (molecular evolution phylogenetic tree) increasewith dn/ds ratio? A patient wi

Construct a logical model for the observations

Assume you have identified a four exon gene expressed in the nervous system of a diploid animal. Different splice variants are expressed in the nervous tissue at the same time

From the point of view of development

From the point of view of development, how does the life cycle of a bacterium resemble the life cycle of an elephant? How does it differ? If a trait is not well adapted to

How will increasing the number of yeast cells

How will increasing the number of yeast cells affect the rate of ATP production by the cells (in moles ATP/ hr) if the sugar concentration in the experiment is held constant?

Population growth and water resources

Of all natural resources, water is the most essential. It supports vital processes of value to mankind such as food production, drinking water, and fisheries, among others.

Increase variability as well as process of fertilization

How do both meiosis and sexual reproduction (fertilization) produce offspring that differ genetically from the parents? Be sure to talk about the two specific steps in meiosis

Dominate phenotype and recessive phenotype

There is a population of 100 frogs. Twenty are heterozygotes, 30 are homozygous recessive, 25 are homozygous dominate. What is the frequency of the dominate allele?

What will be the frequency of r after one generation

A farmer wishes to use genetically-modified crop in order to reduce cost on pesticides. The resistance gene, R, that provides protection for the crops is dominant and only 3


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