Differences between poker and non-poker playing gamblers
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You will need to summarize and comment on the two following articles from each researcher. Each written summary must not exceed two pages with ft 12 (Times New Roman& Double spaced) - in point form.

Follow the same instructions forthe following two questions(total of six pages with six studies individually summarized + commented).

Part -1:

STUDY 1: Probability Discounting of Gains and Losses: Implications for Risk Attitudes and Impulsivity (Shead & Hodgins, 2009)

STUDY 2: Differences between Poker Players and Non-Poker Playing Gamblers (Shead & Hodgins, Scharf, 2008)

Part -2:

STUDY 1: Teaching High School Biology Student to Coordinate Text and Diagrams: Relations with Transfer, Effort, and Spatial Skill (Bergey, Cromley, Newcombe, 2015).

STUDY 2: Effects of three diagram instruction methods on transfer of diagram comprehension skills: The critical role of inference while learning (Cromley, bergey, Fitzhugh, Newcombe, Wills, Shipley, Tanaka, 2013).

Part -3:

STUDY 1: Expert Testimony on Laboratory Witnesses (Yuille, Ternes, Cooper, 2010).

STUDY 2: Eyewitness Memory and Eyewitness Identification Performance in Adults with Intellectual Disabilities (Ternes & Yuille, 2008)


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A randomised clinical study conducted on sixty college students (Male = 14, Female = 46) to estimate the relationship between risk taking attitudes and probability of discounting gains and losses. The study examines three kinds of probability discounting methods namely probability discounting of gains and losses and delay discounting method. Using Psyscope software, all three tasks were programmed for adjusting amount procedure. Each participant was provided with remuneration of $20.00 after clearly explaining the importance of task and monetary policies. All data are subjected to statistical analysis using Microsoft Excel 2007.

The study results confirm that negative correlation prevails among probability discounting of gains and losses which is interpreted as feeling risks as general attitude irrespective of retrieved gains and losses among population. The important finding from authors is reflection of risk attitudes towards the weightage of values observed as lowest value. Moreover, the correlation between delayed discounting and probability discounting of gains and losses are very little. It is concluded that risk aversion points out the lowest valued outcome whereas risk seeing seems to have tendency to overweight. Authors observed a strong negative correlative between extent of probability discounting of gains and which had a high probability of replication pointing out that the correlations in this research paper. This study finally suggests that there is no relationship between discounting of losses with probability of gains/losses. The study concludes that study participants reflect general tendency towards risk impulsivity.

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