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Part 1:

Part 1 of the project is to find two articles about a microeconomics problem currently in the news from either a newspaper or news (including business) magazine. You will submit a short analytical paper that compares/contrasts the problems or issues and demonstrates your mastery of the course material by your explanation of the problem or issue.

Part 2:

For Part 2 of the project you will submit another set of articles covering macroeconomic and a short analytical paper.

Your short analytical paper needs to include the following:

- An explanation of the problem or issue.
- Possible causes of the problem or issue from a supply and demand perspective (labor supply and demand, aggregate supply and demand, product and service supply and demand).

- The significance of the problem or issue (i.e., does it lead to economic fluctuations? If so, how?).
- The costs and/or benefits of the problem to society.
- Explanation of possible solutions to the problem or issue.
- The expected short-term and long-term implication toward possible solutions to US and international economic institutions.
- How the two problems are related (if they are).

Part 3:

Your final research paper should be a between 5-6 pages. It should have an introduction (containing a thesis) and a conclusion. You must correctly cite your sources using APA format.

Write about the problem or issue as if you are explaining it to someone who has never taken an economics class. Be sure to explain the key concepts and terminology of both microeconomics and macroeconomics within your paper.

Be sure and include graphs to illustrate key ideas if relevant.

- Recognize and utilize the vocabulary, terms and theories essential to the discipline of Economics.
- Describe the differences between macroeconomics and microeconomics.
- Explain supply and demand.
- Explain factors that impact economic fluctuations.
- List the major U.S. and International economic institutions and their roles in the economy.
- Evaluate how knowledge, skills, and attitudes learned in this course apply to their chosen careers

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Reference no: EM13705805

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