Differences between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

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Use additional source plus this book Stojkovic, S., Kalinich, D., Klofas, J. (2012). Criminal justice organizations: administration and management (5th Ed.). Belmont, California: Wadsworth. For number 2 do you agree or disagree? Why and provide explanation?

1) How would you describe the differences between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation as far as criminal practitioners go? Do you think the majority of individuals are more motivated by a intrinsic or extrinsic factors? Based upon your response, how can we get these individuals to be motivated by the opposite of what you have suggested ( i.e intrinsic/extrinsic factors)?

2) There are a number of theories that are relevant to the criminal justice system some of these approaches include the: need theory, theory X and Y, achievement power affiliation theory, expectancy theory, equity theory, and theory z. Because the criminal justice system is so complex it is problematic to try to use just one theory so theories are combined in order to be used for criminal justice administrators because no one theory works. One key element links all the differing theoretical positions on employee motivation: the needs, perspectives, and viewpoints of employees are instrumental not only to their individual growth but also to organizational effectiveness (Stojkovic, Kalinich, Klofas, 2012). Employee's needs, abilities, and opinions must be critically recognized in order to effectively motivate criminal justice employees. Leaders in the criminal justice system need to be able to motivate their team members when there are uneasy situations since the system often deals with emergency situations. These leaders need to be able to motivate when things are not looking the best because they deal with very dire situations. Leadership in the criminal justice system should be able to inspire and motivate their employees when these employees do not want to perform their best or when the situations look bleak these leaders still must effectively motivate.

Reference no: EM13878197

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