Differences and similarities between power and leadership

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Question :1.- The first slide in Chapter 15 contains a lot about personality and individual behavior. As managers, why is it important to understand individual traits when we will generally manage larger groups?

3.- In this course, we have talked about four uses of empowerment and participation. We said they are part of delegation, used to overcome resistance to change, used to overcome resistance to control, and used for motivation. Now, explain why empowerment and participation work in all of these areas.

4.- Explain the differences and similarities between power and leadership.

5.- In your own words, in four sentences or less, discuss the characterization of bureaucracy as a "substitute for leadership."


Ch. 15 Managing Employee Motivation and Performance

The Nature of Motivation

The Importance of Motivation in the Workplace (performance is a result of motivation, ability, and available resources)

Content Perspectives on Motivation

The Need Hierarchy Approach (Fig. 15.2, page 479)

The Two-Factor Theory (Fig. 15.3, page 481)

Individual Human Needs (achievement, affiliation, power)

Process Perspectives on Motivation

Expectancy Theory (desire and likelihood, pages 483-5)

Equity Theory (people are motivated to seek "fairness")

Goal-Setting Theory (Fig. 15.6, page 487)

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The report considers the traits of individuals in a larger group to manage them well. it also mentions the differences between power and leadership. It provides explanation of empowerment and participation. Report provides information about the Bureaucratic organization as a substitute for the leadership. the report has 500 words.

Reference no: EM131286839

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