Difference between students math scores across gender lines

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Part I
The Aske and Corman (2008) study looks at school-level characteristics and test scores associated with students for the years 2001 to 2007. The test scores that were examined were scores in reading, writing and mathematics, which are commonly considered to be the "core" of academic learning. The study looked primarily at the Colorado state standardized exams, and then took the school's composite score-a score determined based on the performance of the students-and compared that score to attendance rates, student enrollment length and stability, and the provision of free lunch to students.

These are interesting things to compare, as free lunch may not seem to be something that has a distinct impact on test scores, but overall, the researchers found that it did have a distinct impact on the successes or failures of a school as a whole (Aske & Corman, 2008). These are good variables for the study to look at, because they are all issues that can be relatively easily tracked and controlled by the academic environment; this gives schools better insight into how best to score better on standardized testing.

Part II
Greenblatt, Dickinson and Simpson (2004) write that there are many ways that school libraries can be designed to bring students into more engaging forms of research, and one of the most important ways to engage students is to encourage them to connect with and then implement their research question effectively. The researchers suggest that for many beginning researchers, research is a passive process; instead of having research be a passive process, the researcher should design a research question and then work forward from that research question, adapting as necessary (Greenblatt, Dickinson & Simpson, 2004).

The researchers also suggest that it is essentially important to bring "active academic research" and "practice-based action" together during the research process (Greenblatt, Dickinson & Simpson, 2004). Overall, the needs of the research question should govern how the researcher begins to address the research question, and those needs should also govern the very structure of the research that the individual is conducting (Greenblatt, Dickinson & Simpson, 2004). The key learning point of this discussion centers firmly on the need to focus on the research question and the necessity of building research structures around the research question, rather than vice versa.

Part III
In the Fisher and Frey (2008) piece, the researchers looked at different ways that adolescents conceptualized the ideas of content literacy, and how useful these students found the strategies for achieving content literacy. The researchers looked at teacher surveys, teacher interviews, teacher observations, student surveys, and student interviews to draw conclusions about the different aspects of adolescent literacy (Fisher & Frey, 2008). However, the statistical analysis of the results was not necessarily something that was extremely effective, and there are a few reasons why.

First and foremost, the teacher population was relatively small for the purposes of statistical analysis. The results might have been better reported as qualitative results rather than quantitative results, although there is nothing wrong with utilizing these quantitative results as well. Interviews are sometimes difficult to address in a quantitative manner as well; a mixed method approach might have been a better choice for this analysis, as it would have provided slightly more nuance to the analysis, particularly as every respondent came from a different situation.

Part IV

Research Question

Example RQ: Is there a difference between students' math scores across gender lines?

Research Question





Dependent Variable


Statistical Analysis

Example RQ: Is there a difference between students' math scores across gender lines?

Example Hnull: There is no difference between students' math scores across gender lines.

Example Halt: There is a difference between students' math scores across gender lines.

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Independent-Samples t-test






Independent-Samples t-test






One way ANOVA + post hoc






One way ANOVA + post hoc






Two way ANOVA






Chi Square

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Reference no: EM132280306

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