Difference between sexual harassment-gender discrimination

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Explain the difference between sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and sexual orientation discrimination, as those terms are used legally. How does GINA protect a person whose mother died of breast cancer from employment discrimination? Provide one example of a behavior that could be found to be both a hostile environment and quid pro quo forms of sexual harassment at the same time. Explain how a person could argue that this behavior at work was illegal. How many employees must an employer or company have working for it to be subject to: the ADA Pregnancy Discrimination Act Title VII IRCA GINA

Reference no: EM131029821

Define organization from technical-behavioral perspective

Explain briefly in what complex areas the relationship of the organization and the information technology influence each other. Define an organization from technical and behav

Using the expected monetary value criterion

A bakery must decide how many pies to prepare for the upcoming weekend. The bakery has the option to make 50, 100, or 150 pies. Assume that demand for the pies can be 50, 100,

Assignment on the business-level strategy

"Victory Motorcycles" Please respond to the following- From the e-Activity and the case study, evaluate the business-level strategy of Victory Motorcycles to determine wheth

How long are the project and feeder buffers

Reconfigure the chart above into a critical path diagram for project scheduling similar to the diagram shown in this module's lecture.What is the duration of the project?How

Goal-Develop a solution to reduce number of denied claims

You find out from billing that a growing number of processed claims are returning as denied. Upon further investigation, you find that the root cause seems to be the inconsist

Employee compensation to company financial results

Explain how tying employee compensation to company financial results helps keep Mars's employee turnover rate low. Known for its secrecy to the outside world, how can Mars lev

Defined by the organisational culture profile model

Describe the seven (7) dimensions of organizational culture as defined by the Organisational Culture Profile (OCP) model. Explain how a strong corporate culture can help a com

Principle apply to the business of managing your life

According to Pearl, what are the most important factors about which every business has to make critical decisions? Does this principle apply to the “business” of managing your


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