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"The GDP goes up in case it is measured by the PPP when compared to the calculation made using market exchange rates." Discuss this statement while making difference between Purchasing power parity (PPP) and market based exchange rate. Please be specific, thanks.

Reference no: EM132184414

Expect to see non-constant variance in the data

Discuss the types of situations where you would expect to see non-constant variance in the data. Provide examples to support your response. Describe a specific instance where

Demand curve experiences an upward shift in supply curve

Suppose that a market with an inelastic demand curve experiences an upward shift in the supply curve. Using comparative statics, analyze how the equilibrium price and equilibr

Considering the circular flow model

Considering the circular flow model (for a four sector economy), if leakages exceed injections at some income level, we can know that the level of aggregate demand also must e

About the acceptability or unacceptability of this project

An oil and gas company is considering whether to begin drilling a new oil field. The company will need to pay $5 million as an initial investment in order to extract the oil.

About macroprudential policy

About "Macroprudential Policy, Countercyclical Bank Capital Buffers and Credit Supply:Evidence from the Spanish Dynamic Provisioning Experiments" How do you think this policy

Determine the optimal quantities and price in each period

Consider a durable good monopolist whose product is usable for only 2 periods. However, each consumer can benefit from the product only for one period. The quality of the prod

Technology reduces the average cost of production

If the cross elasticity of demand between Coke and Pepsi is 2.02, then Coke and Pepsi are. Technology reduces the average cost of production, so in the long run.

Calculate gdp via the expenditure approach

Using any relevant information below, calculate GDP via the expenditure approach. Nominal GDP in Nowhereland in 2002 and 2003 increased from $4 trillion to $4.8 trillion. Can


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