Difference between minor and mass extinction events

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In 500 to 1500 words or less discuss the following:

What is the difference between minor and mass extinction events? How many mass extinction events have occurred in Earth's history. What types of environments and/or ecosystems were most affected during each of these extinction events? What notable major or minor groups went extinct due to each mass extinction event? Discuss how major extinction events affect the following: (1) the evolution of life; and (2) the divisions of the geologic time scale.

Reference no: EM131437250

Explanations of gender differences in health

One of the theoretical perspectives, functionalism analyze  explanations of gender differences in health. What do you think about their views? What do the critics think?

Discuss these two laws of thermodynamics

Discuss these two laws of Thermodynamics and how they relate to the Law of Conservation of Matter. Which of the next may be the path of a protein from the site where its polyp

Which compartments of a cell is associated

Which compartments of a cell is associated with each of the following: clathrin, calcium ions in a skeletal muscle cell, dolichol phosphate, ribonuclease and lipase, digital

How does technology influence safety of medical care

Customer-driven Health care is an example of a trend in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Identify at least one trend in health care delivery and discuss how this will

Ethical issues in real world research situation

What types of ethical issues arise when an organization conducts research? Can you provide two examples of an ethical issues in a real world research situation?

Which protist causes a sexually transmitted disease

What advantage does sound communication have over visual communication? Which Protist causes a sexually transmitted disease? Which of the following is considered to be most cl

What is the advantage of reproducing by seed

What is the ploidy of the gametophyte and the sporophyte? Which generation is the one we associate with a moss plant? How many domains does insulin have? What is the advantage

Voltage potential across the mitochondrial membrane

The ph of mitochondria matrix is 8.2 while the ph of intermembrane is 7.2. Determine the voltage potential across the mitochondrial membrane which would prevent hydrogen ions


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