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Negotiations in a BPO agreement are largely determined by which factor?
The underlying objectives of each of the parties
The scope of services being outsourced
The relative bargaining positions of the parties
All of the above
For most customers, requesting multiple bids is the preferred approach because it: _______.
adds to the project legitimacy
may lead to competitive pricing or service levels
enables the customer to use the possibility of other interested vendors as a negotiating tool
all of the above
The Term, Contracting Party, Integration, Retained Assets, and Performance Standards are all: _______. 
key terms to the Contract Pricing Options
key terms in a Cost Proposal
key terms in a Request for Information
key terms in the BPO Agreement

How are the procurement responsibilities divided between the project manager and contract administrator?

What is the difference between the Cost-Plus-Percentage-Fee (CPF) contract structure and the Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee (CPFF) contract structure?

Explain how a weighted system is used to help score potential sellers' proposals.


Reference no: EM13104277

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