Difference between cniderians and ctenophores
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1. Corals are able to survive in nutrient-poor tropicalwaters by forming symbiotic relationships with photosynthetic:
A. plants.
B. red algae.
C. brown algae.
D. protists.
E. None of these

2.Which of the following is a shared ancestral trait of wombats (amarsupial mammal) and cniderians that is not a characteristicshared with sponges?
A. Diploblasty
C.Sexual reproduction.

3.Which of the following is an important difference between Cniderians and Ctenophores?
A. Ctenophores are primarily marine, but there are a few freshwaterspecies; Cniderians are exclusivelymarine
B.Ctenophores are primarily filter feeders; Cniderians are primarilypredaceous
C.Ctenophores capture prey with adhesive tentacles; Cniderianscapture prey using tentacles armed withnematocysts
D.Ctenophores are diploblastic; Cniderians aretriploblastic
E.Ctenophores are triploblastic; Cniderians arediploblastic

4. Theprotostome coelomates are divided into 2 major groups, the:
A. flatworms androundworms.
B.Lophotrochozoa andEcdysozoa.
C.Mollusca andArthropoda.
D.invertebrates andvertebrates
E.Chelicerata andMandibulata.

5. Youhave a sample of cat emesis (vomit) and find worms in the sample.The cylindrical worms are long and slender, pointed at each end,with no other distinguishing characteristics. They are members ofthe phylum:

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