Did you know marketing was more than just advertising

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Did you know marketing was more than just advertising? what role does marketing play in the success of the organization? Can marketing influence consumers' decisions? If so, is marketing ethical?

Use own words. should be 3 short paragraphs that reflect research and not opinion. Provide citations for the source of your learning.

Reference no: EM131260744

Kris corporation as an information technology

For this assignment, assume you have been hired by Kris Corporation as an Information Technology consultant. Kris Corporation manufacturers parts for the automotive industry

A speeder traveling 45 miles per hour

Police chase: A speeder traveling 45 miles per hour (in a 25 mph zone ) passes a stopped police car which immediately takes off after the speeder. If the police car speeds up

Calculate the purchase amount less the discount

Create a flowchart that will contain five modules ,one to prompt the user to input the sales amount before discount and the discount percent as a decimal, the second to calcul

Hd-dvd versus blu-ray

In recent times, HD-DVD and Blu-ray were competing technology formats for creating and watching movies on DVDs. Neither was compatible with the other. Eventually, Blu-ray wo

Difference between process quality and product quality

Discuss if quality processes alone can produce a quality product. What is the difference between process quality and product quality? Name some of the standards for software

Interacting and communicating with other people

Interacting and communicating with other people is part of daily life. This includes face-to-face conversations, conversations over the phone or other mobile devices, and co

Explain use of compensatory substituent in identification

Explain the use of "compensatory substituent" in identification and annotation of non-coding genes? Write down the difference between matrix and a Blosum60 Blosum20 matrix?

Network-based recommender systems

Nowadays, like magic, there are social network-based recommender systems, proximity location-based application and a handful of other models and features. Seeking a recommen


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