Did the male slaves defend the women

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Twelve Years A Slave movie assignment

Watch 12 Years a Slave.

Write and attach a 3-4 page, double space college level essay and discuss the treatment of women and children in the movie.

1). Did the male slaves defend the women and children, why or why not?

2). What role did gender play in assigning jobs and chores on the plantation? How old did children begin to work?

3). Did sexual assault/rape occur in this movie, and what impact did it have on the women, children, and slave community?

You must provide examples of the treatment in your essay.

* Feel free to include information from your textbook readings to support your responses.

Watch film here https://youtu.be/6ni_Gishjuw

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Assignment on the movie 12 years a slave where the details about the treatment of selves including women and children is provided . the movie was an adaptation the book whit the same title and the essay is written in 1000 words. All the information provided are correct and complete to my knowledge.

Reference no: EM131204129

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