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This assignment requires that you select an article pertinent to your research topic and deconstruct it into its primary elements:
Please locate a scholarly or peer-reviewed article and download it into a Word or PDF document. You must turn in the article.

• Provide a short overview (Introduction) and list the article's research question and hypothesis.

• Discuss the Literature Review: Did the author review the previous literature about the subject, was the review complete, did the author point out strengths and weaknesses of the previous set of literature?

• NOTE: If there is no literature review, the article is probably not scholarly -- find another one.

• Describe the Research Strategy: How did the author go about getting and analyzing the material for the article?

• List the Research Findings.

• Provide the Conclusions.

• Include a complete citation of the article in Turabian author-date format.

• Provide a brief critique of the article, identifying the strong elements, and those that were less compelling. Finally, provide your assessment of its utility to you after you have broken it down and understand the argument and the facts that the author used to support his claims. Your critique section should be no longer than a written page.

Reference no: EM131140431

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