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Part One: Answer question, roughly 100-150 words, Citing must be APA style

1. Attend a political campaign speech, or watch one on television or YouTube, or watch a speechbroadcast on C-SPAN by a business or professional leader. Pay particular attention tothe speaker's delivery. Critique his or her use of gestures, movement, posture, eye contact, facial expression, vocal delivery, and appearance.


You will create a speech that should be three to five minutes long. You must also upload a transcript (print version) of your speech and include a short 75-word reflection statement. In the reflection statement, discuss what aspects of this assignment you found helpful for your future career and mention some strategies you can use to improve your speechmaking abilities in the future. Make a video of your speech as you rehearse it. Before presenting your speech to your audience, use the following evaluation questions to evaluate your delivery:

1. Did I use an extemporaneous delivery style?
2. Did I use appropriate notes, but not read or memorize my speech?
3. Did I establish eye contact with my audience before I began my speech?
4. Did I maintain eye contact during my speech?
5. Did I use gestures in a natural way? 6. Did I have an appropriate posture?
7. Did I have an appropriate facial expression?
8. Did I vary my facial expression?
9. Did I speak loud enough to be heard clearly?
10. Did I speak with vocal variety?

Textbook: Beebe, S. A., & Mottet, T. P. (2013). Business and professional communication: Principles and skills for leadership (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

Reference no: EM131017323

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