Diamonds come in three varieties

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A large regular hexagon is cut out of a triangular grid and tiled with diamonds (pairs of triangles glued together along an edge). Diamonds come in three varieties, depending on orientation; prove that precisely the same number of each variety must appear in the tiling.

Reference no: EM132281003

Write down as many dns names or ip addresses

Find the "Received:" field in the headers and write down as many DNS names or IP addresses as you can. Also look for common details in the header elements of the different m

Approach appropriate for company forefront of technology

However, adopting a secondary approach where others adopt early and a firm learns from their mistakes is often a viable strategy. When is each approach most appropriate an

Draw erd with key attributes

The database should keep track of the date he/she started managing the school. Data stored on each school includes the school’s code, name, address (town, street and postcode)

What is a view and how do you define it

What is a view? How do you define a view? Does the data described in a view definition ever exist in that form? What happens when a user accesses a database through a view?

Optimization of business intelligence and data warehouses

Businesses today are extremely reliant on large amounts of data for making intelligent business decisions. Likewise, the data warehouses are often structured in a manner tha

Training and education for earthquake preparedness

Finally, the committee will need to propose policies on training and education for earthquake preparedness. Both the organization's employees and the public will need educat

Draw a class diagram for bibliographic references

Draw a class diagram for bibliographic references. Use the references in Appendix C, Bibliography, to test your class diagram. Your class diagram should be as detailed as po

Windows and linux operating systems identical

Are the Input/Output facilities supported by Windows and Linux operating systems identical? Provide at least two examples from each operating system and compare their differ


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