Diameter of the circular chromosome

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Question: Suppose that red reen color blindness is a recessive sex linked trait. A normal man mates with a color blind woman, what can we expect their children to be?

Question: The circular chromosome of E. coli is 4.6 x 10^6 base pairs long. What is the diameter of that circular chromosome?

Reference no: EM1383217

Estimate for the number of apple maggot flies

A researcher studying apple maggot flies marks 180 flies in an orchid in Michigan. The next day, she collects 70 flies and finds that 14 are marked. If the assumptions of th

What is the simplest way of explaining the inheritance

A plant breeder crossed two pink carnation flowers and collected the seeds. six of the seeds grew into red flowered plants, ten of the seeds grew into pink flowered plants a

Why is this a positive development

Despite the numerous checkpoints present in the cell to prevent the placement of the wrong nucleotide in a replicating DNA, a few mistakes can be made. Why is this a positiv

Special features of the lung

1) Starting with the umbilical vein, list/chart the general flow of blood through the fetus of a pig. 2) What special features of the lung make it a useful organ for gas exc

Discuss topic of circumcision from a historical perspective

Research and discuss the topic of circumcision from a historical perspective...relate five important discoveries you made. The definition of historical is any time before 1

Calculate the frequencies of the aa, aa

Calculate the frequencies of the AA, Aa, and aa genotypes after one generation if the initial population consists of .2AA, .6Aa, and .2aa genotypes and meets the requirement

Determine the age of these sediments

In 2006 paleontologists announced that fossils of Tiktaalik roseae, an important link between fish and tetrapods, had been discovered in freshwater sediments in the Canadian

Question about human sexuality

Consider on all the things you learned about sex & sexuality while increasing from sources such as family, school, friends, TV, movies, music, magazines, Internet, and boy/gir


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