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Create a dialogue between two artists discussing their work(s) with an interviewer asking questions in front of an audience at an art gallery (much like a panel discussion format). Have Gris or Picasso dialogue with Matisse, Cezanne Gauguin, or van Gogh, Each one should explain his work(s), influences, philosophy, style, themes, and meaning, highlighting the reason for the work(s)' importance to and impact on the world of art.

Use the style of dialogue used in a play. For example:

Interviewer: Senor Picasso and Monsieur Matisse, which work do you consider your most significant accomplishment and why do you think so?

Picasso: (Confidently) I have so many that are significant, but one that I think is truly a work of genius and innovation is [insert the Title of the Artwork]. This work shows the innovation the art world refers to as Cubism. I was the founder of that movement and perfected the style. No other artist has had that type of influence in the world of art.

Matisse: (Somewhat insulted). If I may be so bold, Senor Picasso, but I think my work has had a greater influence. My [insert the Title of the Artwork] has had a lasting impression, if you excuse the term, on thousands of artists. For example, ...

Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you:

  1. Create dialogue for selected artist #1 that reflects his influences, philosophy, style, themes, and meaning of his work(s).
  2. Create dialogue for selected artist #2 that reflected his influences, philosophy, style, themes, and meaning of his work(s).
  3. Create dialogue for selected artist #1 that highlights the reason for work(s)'s importance and impact on the world of art.
  4. Create dialogue for selected artist #2 that highlights the reason for work(s)'s importance and impact on the world of art.
  5. Create appropriate interview questions that facilitate the dialogue and highlighted the comparison between the two (2) artists.
  6. Include three (3) references that help support the artists' comments. (The text may be used as one (1) reference.)

Reference no: EM131058461

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