Diagnosed with osteoarthritis or hypertension

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At a rural clinic in southern Georgia, 30% of patients have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, 55% of patients have been diagnosed with hypertension, and 15% carry both diagnoses. What is the probability that a patient at this clinic has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis OR hypertension?

Reference no: EM132201131

Explain how social-political and economic institutions

Explain how social, political, and economic institutions interact with one another. You may explain by using an example, if you wish. Describe the effects of tariffs not shown

Company has minimum rate of return standard

If the company has minimum rate of return standard as 10%, which of the following projects would you recommend to the company? A) Investment in year 0, $40,000, returns $10,00

Market rate of substitution

What is the market rate of substitution between food and "all other goods"? On the same graph, show how the Food Stamp program alters the average consumer's budget line. Wou

Basis of many multinational firms competitive advantage

A licensing agreement is an arrangement whereby a licensor grants the rights to intangible property to another entity (the licensee) for a specific period, and in return, the

Describes the role of automatic stabilizers in the economy

Which of the following describes the role of automatic stabilizers in the economy? Automatic stabilizers have a similar impact as discretionary fiscal policy but occur automat

Annual insurance policy review

Your partner and you have met with your property insurance agent for an annual insurance policy review. Your partner asks why you have to pay so much for liability insurance.

Disconnection between workplace values and individual values

Discuss how important it is to you that your organization’s workplace values are in accordance with your own values. What are the dangers of a disconnection between workplace

Frequently discharge the water-filled fire extinguishers

A college has a small discipline problem. Students frequently discharge the water-filled fire extinguishers for fun. Obviously, it is a safety hazard when fire extinguishers a


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