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Module: Management of strategic operation (everything is surrounded strategic operation)

1. Read the following pages before answering the question

• Different perspectives on strategy
Pages 60-67 in Chapter 3 introduce you to operations strategy as well as two general views for how such strategy is developed. The top-down and bottom-up perspectives are discussed and as well as the difference between both views.

• Market requirements
Pages 68-72 in Chapter 3 analyse the markets requirements perspective in relation to operations strategy. This view requires the organisation to consider the needs of customers and identification of elements critical to customer satisfaction.

• The resource-based view
Pages 72-75 in Chapter 3 discuss the need to examine the constraints and capabilities of an organisation prior to developing strategy. The resources (tangible and intangible) that an organisation possesses (or lacks) will determine which course of action can be taken.

• Making and implementing strategy
Pages 75-78 in Chapter 3 briefly consider elements that are present when making and implementing strategy.

• Trade-offs between performance objectives
Pages 54-55 in Chapter 2 analyse the need for an organisation to make trade-offs when developing strategy as it would be difficult for an organisation to focus on all performance objectives.

2. Read the lecture note (Attached) before writing

Slack, N., Chambers, S. & Johnston, R. (2010) Operations management. 6th ed. Harlow: Prentice Hall/Financial Times.

Number of words required: 700+

• Analyze the relative strengths and weaknesses of the different perspectives for developing operations strategy you have examined this week.
• If asked to choose one approach to follow, which would you select and why?
• Provide examples that support your choice.


1. The style must be:
• Introduction tothe perspectives of developing operations strategies (short one)
• A brief summary or assessment of the strategies or view points (short one)
• Subtitles of the answers based on the above questions and implication with deep analysis
• Real time examples
• Conclusion / Summary

3. Deep analysis, evaluation to the view point / strategy, in short the writing must be on depth. General analysis is not acceptable.

4. Referencing (in text citation) should be evident in the discussions.

5. Use Harvard style with detailed info for citation and reference such as (Oakland, 2003, p.213).

6. Real time examples from your own experience or appropriate cases you know with discussion.


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The competition has moved from e-commerce to e-business to e-processes. In several industries the whole value chain from supplier to end consumer has been informatized. The focus has shift from process engineering to network Engineering. (Peter Vervest, Eric Van Heck, Kenneth Preiss. Smart Business Networks A New Business Paradigm. Page 13).

This concepts call for Smart business Network which consists of smart, creative, innovative, business owners, who joins together to grow their business. These owners share their ideas, experience and knowledge to each other and grow their businesses. (www.smartbusinessnetworks.com)

Smart Networks produces smart results as they are more agile and move the channel faster. Amazon is the first company who benefited a lot by using the smart network business. The others companies are Kenny, Galway, Alibris etc.

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