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Question 1:

Levels of steroid hormones (like testosterone and corticosterone) are related to the dynamics and outcome ofaggressive disputes in many animals. However, are steroid hormone levels thecause or the consequence of aggressive interactions? For example, do animals with high testosterone levels become dominant, or does dominance status resultin elevated testosterone levels? Devise an experiment to test these twoalternatives.

Question 2:

Fatal fighting is expectedto occur only when the value of the currently contested resource is muchgreater than the value of resources that could be obtained in the future. Howmight levels of competition and kinship alter these predictions?

Question 3:

Do you think past fighting experience affects social animals in the same manner as it affects solitary animals? Provide a hypothesis that addresses why winning or losing experiences would have the same (or different) effects on solitary versus social animals Q4 View the video and describe the behaviors of the animals in this interaction. The video is about 10 minutes long, and is annotated.

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Reference no: EM13793513

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