Developments in the study of mind and reflexes

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Question 1: Explain how the historical developments in the study of the mind and reflexes contributed to the contemporary study of learning. Include the main contributors to this field, along with their theoretical beliefs and how they influenced the psychology of learning.

Question 2: Compare and contrast the dual-process theory to the opponent-process theory of motivation. What is the goal of each theory? What similarities and differences do you notice in the mechanisms? How does each theory account for habituation effects?

Question 3: Evaluate classical conditioning as a theory of learning. Describe its development and its significance in contemporary psychology. Discuss the major components of classical conditioning and provide examples that illustrate these components.

Question 4: What evidence suggests that drug tolerance may be due to classical conditioning mechanisms? Does this evidence challenge stimulus substitution models? Support your answers by citing significant research in this field.

Reference no: EM13834586

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