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Developments in technology have caused environmental problems. Some say this can be solved by leading a simple life, while others think that technology can solve these problems.

Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

Some countries invest a lot of money in creating sports facilities to be used only by top athletes rather than by general members of the public.

To what extent do you think this is a good idea?

Even though an increasing number of people get their news from the Internet nowadays, printed newspapers still remain the main source of news for the majority of people.

Why do you think newspapers are still more popular than the Internet for getting news?

How do you think the situation might change in the future?

Some people say that artists such as musicians, painters and writers should be supported by the government. Others think this is a waste of public money.

Discuss both these viewpoints and give your opinion.

Reference no: EM13206861

Student affairs professionals

What do you think are the top 2-3 competencies that student affairs professionals need to have? Please provide a rationale for your choices.

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What was your reaction to the bombing and what is the argument being made in this article -  Have you ever experienced discrimination similar to what is being discussed in thi

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Impact your plans for financing your future - How will this scholarship help you reach your goals and impact your plans for financing your future/current education at xxx?

Examine consequence management in context of response

Prepare an essay in which you:- Examine Consequence Management in the context of response planning. You should:- Recount the doctrine of tiered response as emphasized within

Main arguments on each side of the debate

Outsourcing is fairly commonplace and is evidence of how interconnected our world is becoming. However, some people have very strong feelings against the outsourcing of jobs

Refusing request for claiming and adjustment

Refusing request for claiming and adjustment - An adjustment on your wireless hub, model WM39Z. We test all our products before they leave the factory; therefore, it could no

Discuss aboriginals work in the fur trade in canada

Students are expected to produce an analytical essay of 6 to 8 pages, which compares two books that explore a theme in Canadian working class history. All students should sele

Millions of americans awoke christmas morning

Even though holiday sales were down at least 2% from 2007, millions of Americans awoke Christmas morning to new computers, TVs and iPhones. (I didn't, but thanks for the pen


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