Development of what life-saving medicine

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On September 3rd, 1928, renowned Scottish bacteriologist Alexander Fleming returned from a vacation only to find one of his staphylococci cultures beset with mold. On closer inspection, Fleming made a stunning discovery which led to the development of what life-saving medicine?

Reference no: EM131069352

Basic democratic procedures

U.S. law mandates basic democratic procedures within unions including election provisions. Many national leaders are regularly re-elected while there is greater turnover of

How can teacher create a safer in the childcare center

Toddlers have been bumping into one another and knocking down one another's blocks and toys. How can the teacher create a safer, calmer environment in this childcare center?

What is the main point of the article

As you read the Cikara, Bruneau,  Saxe article and write your summary consider: What is the main point of the article? According to the authors, how does inAgroup versus outAg

Discuss the characteristics of a learning organization

Creating and maintaining a learning organization involves harnessing all aspects of an organization and focusing them on those tasks. In this assignment, you will discuss th

How does the author use religious imagery to stress

How does the author use religious imagery to stress the importance of stewardship of nature? What are three ways an environmental focus has manifested itself in architecture

Describe the concept of privatization

Define the concept of privatization and make a case for or against it as it relates to a specific industry. Feel free to bring in things we discussed relating to the role of

Reverse fault-compressional earthquakes

Why are normal fault, extensional earthquakes found along rifts and ridges, while reverse fault, compressional earthquakes are found along subduction zones and in mountain bel

What policies are generally supported by both parties

Interview questions on healthcare - Should federal or state governments control healthcare policy? What policies are generally supported by both parties? Should individuals us


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