Developing strategic intent for toyota
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The report also discusses about the organizational competencies and capabilities. The report also includes the discussion about the deficiencies the organization have and the major threats the organization faces. The report also includes recommendation of some strategic strategies which the organization can follow for its long term growth.    

This report inculcates:-

1.      Introduction to the report

2.      Description of the organization

3.      Industry

4.      Strategies adopted

5.      SWOT

6.      Industry Analysis

7.      Toyota's Competencies

8.      Toyota's Capabilities

9.      Resources

10.  Organizational Deficiencies

11.  Major threats to be worried upon

12.  Conclusion

13.  Recommendations

14.  References

The management is also of the concern related to the high fluctuations in the exchange rates of currencies which is impacting the company revenues and profits. The company management also faces threat of changing usage of the utility vehicles, with the changes in demographics there is a decrease in the demand for the family vehicles which is impacting the company products demand and piling up large stocks.

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