Developing proportional thinking by having students compare

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Each CLC group member must locate a different video lesson that involves teaching ratio or proportional reasoning.

As a group, discuss whether each lesson observed:

Has a clearly identifiable objective;

Is aligned to the CCRs;

Supports the "big ideas" stated in your text;

1. Fostering student thinking that a ratio is a distinct entity, different from the two measures that make it up;

2. Facilitating multiplicative rather than additive comparisons; and

3. Developing proportional thinking by having students compare and determine the equivalence of ratios and solve proportions through problem-based contexts rather than based on formulas.

Differentiates and addresses the diverse needs of students;

Includes an informal and/or formal assessment. If so, does the assessment align to, and measure, the objective?; and Discuss any appropriate revisions.

Select one of the videos, and as a group, use the Class Profile to create a lesson plan using the COE lesson plan template that incorporates the revisions.

Submit a copy of the lesson plan, the link to the video, and rationale of 500-750-words that summarizes the group's evaluations of the lessons and supports the revisions.

Reference no: EM13770688

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