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Developing an integrated approach to marketing a product, service, or idea ensures that the 4 Ps are compatible. There are some products whose value or utility are challenging to define and must be remarketed to existing or new target audiences. How would you market the common pencil, not the mechanical pencil, but a common ordinary pencil? Make sure you include a discussion on each of the 4 Ps. What kind of marketing tactic would you use to get consumers to purchase it and why? What would you include in the marketing mix?

Reference no: EM131391783

Company could produce high and low quality good

Suppose a company could produce a high and low quality good. Each consumer can buy a high quality good (with quality exogenously given as s2), a low-quality good (with quality

Suppose that a rm has the production function

Suppose that a rm has the production function given by f(x1,x2)=4SQRT(x1*x2) Let w1 = $64 and w2 = $1. What is the total cost of producing 20 units of output in the long-run?

What is the agreement between manufacturers and distributors

the manufacturer of perfume enters into agreement with several distributor about the price at which the distributors can resell the perfume. The manufacturers who do not agr

Equation to calculate the alcohol death rate for the region

For a region, you are given the number of deaths, the number of deathes related to alcohol, the number of deaths related to painkiller opiates and the averge mid-year populati

What is the bond interest rate

Shannon purchases a bond for $1,142.38. The bond matures in 3 years, and she will redeem it at its face value of $1,200. Interest premiums are paid annually. If Shannon will e

How company is the low-cost provider of these boxes

How company is the low-cost provider of these boxes with fixed cost of $480,000 per year, plus variable cost of $30.00 for each box. Annual demand and marginal revenue funct

Compute both burton cummings explicit costs every month

Compute both Burton Cummings's explicit costs every month also his implicit costs every month. Compute the opportunity cost of the resources utilized by Burton Cummings each

Problems with public education lay in the fact

Friedman thought that problems with public education lay in the fact that: Friedman believed that the solution to higher education was different than public education because


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