Developing good note-taking and paraphrasing strategies

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‘Developing good note-taking and paraphrasing strategies, to effectively summarise academic resources, is a difficult process for students to learn.’

Based on valid academic literature, discuss whether you agree (or do not) with the above statement. Your analysis must be linked to relevant academic literature.

Therefore, you must include references to at least five (5) academic references. In addition to five (5) academic references, you are encouraged to refer to additional sources, such as journal articles, book chapters, newspaper articles and practitioner-focused articles. Note that Wikipedia and similar websites are NOT acceptable sources for this assignment. Remember to properly cite all sources, both in the text of your essay and in the References section.

Ensure you become fully aware and familiar with all required criteria within the Marking criteria and expectations of the assessment, provided below.

Students should demonstrate knowledge and understanding of some of the content and processes needed to succeed at university and particularly, in regards to written communication. Communicating effectively through academic writing necessitates a number of skills that are referred to throughout your textbook and study guide/readings material. You will need to synthesise these, organise them and apply them to the assessment task. 

Rationale Students should be able to locate, paraphrase, summarise and comprehend simple to complex English texts; develop an effective academic argument based on information gained from a range of sources be able to write in a range of academic formats, following English writing mechanics and appropriate academic referencing styles.

Hints on writing this essay

• Brainstorm ideas from your textbook and readings; acknowledge them; organise them in an order or sequence that you choose; know why you choose this order of presenting them; consider how each idea could be related to student learning (this is the focus of the question).

• Introduction: 10%. The broad introduction will aim to focus the reader and to paint a general picture of the topic; the specific introduction will tell the reader WHAT (content) will be covered in this essay and HOW (the process) it will be delivered (e.g. discussed; explained; analysed etc.).

• Body: 80%. The body could be divided into four (4) main ideas, having 100 words each. Approximately 800 words could be from authors and 600 words inserting your interpretation of how these ideas might be related to student learning and why these ideas are important. Note: this breakdown of words is only an example. You decide according to your plan, ideas writing style, etc.

• Conclusion: 10%. Remind the reader of the depth travelled in the body by revisiting and recapping the main points.

• Reference list. Present your reference list in author alphabetical order in accordance with the APA referencing style. All resources and authors referred to in-text must appear in your references list.

• Cite a minimum of five (5) academically reputable references, including one taken from your Bretag, et al. (2009) textbook. 

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Reference no: EM13915922

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