Developing effective therapeutic relationships

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Explain and compare the two approaches.

Evaluate their relative strengths and weaknesses, with particular reference to developing and maintaining effective therapeutic relationships Substantiate your argument with reference to the literature.

Outline how you would use the two approaches, in your work as a Registered nurse Use specific examples from your clinical practice, with particular reference to ways in which you could better develop and maintain effective therapeutic relationships


Select two contemporary therapeutic interventions or approaches to counselling.

- Mindfulness
- Brief Solution Focused Therapy
- Acceptance Commitment Therapy
- Psycho-education
- Cognitive and/or Behavioural Therapy
- Psychodynamic approaches
- Interpersonal Therapy
- Narrative Therapy OR
- You may choose another approach, according to your own preferences or work

Explain and compare the two approaches, evaluating their relative strengths and weakness.

Substantiate your argument with reference to the literature.

3000 words

15 references

Reference no: EM13962192

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