Developing a sustained competitive advantage

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1. How do the demands of the customer become a factor to a company developing a sustained competitive advantage?

2. Explain the concept of value to an aeronautical service or product and the importance to a value chain.

3. How can an operations manager make a company more profitable in a service environment?

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Reference no: EM13655431

Manufacturer of a liquid glass-cleaner

A manufacturer of a liquid glass-cleaner wants to determine the expected sales of its products throughout the country. To help in this project, prepare a report that shows t

Functional or hierarchical organizational structure

Find one business magazine article about functional or hierarchical organizational structure and management modes and one article about matrix organizational structure and m

What is the breakeven point in sales dollars

Tanaka Company has fixed costs of $14,000. Their contribution margin ratio is 40% and ratio of selling expenses to sales is 20%. What is the breakeven point in sales dollars?

Explain six basic steps to organizational decision making

Research, analyze and interpret the six basic steps to organizational decision making and describe each one and its importance. Your paper should be a minimum of two pages i

What factors are relevant to the given decision

What factors are relevant to this decision? For this assignment, search the CSU Online Library and the Internet for an example of a company that has made a make-or-buy decis

Increase aggregate unemployment levels

In the real world, there is no support for the Ricardian model of trade: the prediction that wages are determined by labor productivities does not hold in the data. In the R

What is the purpose of anti-trust legislation

What is the purpose of anti-trust legislation and be sure to include explicit benefits that can be realized by consumers as a consequence of the enforcement of this legislat

What are the pros and cons of the given strategy

Does the strategy build on current competencies and foster horizontal relationships among brands? In other words, what can be leveraged or shared? What are the pros and cons


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