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Assessment description:

Healthcare United is a healthcare provider and currently employs 1,500 Healthcare professionals with two sites in Victoria and NSW. They recently developed a new strategic plan that involves opening another office in Hobart. Part of their HR plan is to employ 500 workers in three stages.

You will need to write a report that compares the 2000 Healthcare United recruitment and selection guidelines against the newly developed 2010 Healthcare United recruitment and selection policy and relevant legislation.

You also need to recommend changes necessary to improve procedures and the overall process, based on current research.

You will be given copies of 2000 Healthcare United recruitment guidelines and the 2010 Healthcare United recruitment and selection policy.

Your report needs to cite relevant legislation and address the following key areas for each procedure:

? timeframes
? personnel involved
? documentation
? training
? monitoring and evaluation.


1. (1.1) Read through both the 2010 Healthcare United Recruitment and Selection Policy and the 2000 Healthcare United Recruitment and Selection Guidelines and write a report of no more than 3,000 words which identifies and discusses key areas for each procedure that need revising because they are:

a. contrary to 2010 policy
b. outdated compared to current research and practice
c. do not comply with current legislation.

2. (1.1) List your recommendations for revising key areas of the 2000 Guidelines.

3. (1.1) If necessary, attach relevant supporting documents.

Reference no: EM13935678

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