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1. A primary care medical group has a list of patients who had once used the group on a regular basis as their primary source of care. However, scanning their records, these patients had not been in for an appointment in the past 2 years. The senior partner wants to send them an informational flyer about the practice and a refrigerator magnet that has the group's telephone number and after-hours service number. As the marketing director for the practice evaluate this approach in light of the HIPAA regulations. Can it be implemented, why or why not?

2. Retin-A is a topical ointment originally developed for the treatment of severe cases of acne and related skin disorders. An observed side benefit resulting from use of this product is its beneficial effect on aging skin. If the manufacturer of this product decided to pursue the latter market, what type of growth strategy would it be pursuing?

Reference no: EM131398269

What is the theoretical flow time of the process

Johnson Products Inc. is a large public company in manufacturing. A portion of the company's financial statement is shown below. What is the account receivable turnover fo

Ethics in action leadership in turbulent time

Provide labor relations examples of managr's use of these five types of power that would support good leadership. Provide labor relations examples in which uses of these five

Leader encourage change through her behavior

Can a manager/leader encourage change through her behavior, the behavior of others in the organization, or through structural or cultural changes in the environment at work to

Describe an ethically challenging situation

Describe an ethically challenging situation that you experienced in which you spoke up, and one in which you did not speak up. What did you do (or not do), and what was the re

Disaster relief by assisting in humanitarian supply chain

In the chapter opener we get a glimpse of how a major corporation can make a significant contribution to disaster relief by assisting in a humanitarian supply chain. Disasters

Compare and contrast the challenges involved with managing

Compare and contrast the challenges involved with managing service organizations against those of manufacturing operations. Discuss which you would rather manage and why.

Explain the important characteristics of risk management

You are a procurement manager for a company that manufactures and assembles construction equipment. Your supervisor has asked you to develop a new strategy for risk management

Determine the expected completion time and variance

Kelle Carpet and Trim installs carpet in commercial offices. Peter Kelle has been very concerned with the amount of time it took to complete several recent jobs. Determine t


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