Develop two possible reasons to explain employees behavior

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Each response must have a minimum of one (1) reference and corresponding in-text citation accompanying each response.

The HRD manager for a chicken processing plant has come to you for advice. Even though all employees in the plant recently completed a safety training program, the accident rate has not improved. In particular, the manager has found that employees are not wearing safety gear (goggles, shoes with nonskid soles, etc.) consistently and are not following safety procedures. Using your knowledge of attitudes and supervisory expectations, develop two possible reasons to explain the employees’ behavior. If your hypothesis are true, how could the HRD manager improve the situation?

Reference no: EM132281067

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M&M is a company that makes knitted sweaters. Forecasts of sales for the next year are 150 in the autumn, 400 in the winter, and 50 in the spring. Plain sweaters are purchased

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In a time study of a manufacturing operation, the average time to complete a product was 36.5 minutes, the performance rating was 1.20, and the allowances were 60 minutes per

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In a four- to five-page paper (excluding the title and references pages), explain why situational leadership theory is useful and relevant in developing an effective leaders

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How would you describe the culture of your organization? In a traditional sense an organization’s culture consists of the values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that employe


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