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Question: 1. Develop a training session on any one of the following topics:

Topic: Conflict Management

The training session should have a focus on skills rather than knowledge or information

2. Prepare a task analysis of the skill you will be teaching. This will involve a step-by-step outline listing of the skills, knowledge, and behaviors necessary to perform the skill in the order the skills will be taught

3. Develop training/instructional objectives for a multi-session four-hour business training workshop on your selected topic (at least six objectives). Remember that instructional objectives should begin with an action verb (What do you want your trainees to be able to do after they have completed the training session?)

4. Develop lessons plans for each of your six objectives to include time spent on each objective, training method, assessment method, equipment or resources needed to conduct the training)

5. Provide a comprehensive test that covers all points covered in the training session.

Reference no: EM132280711

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